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Selected Samples

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January 2023

Para Taekwondo offers unprecedented opportunities for its athletes - from prestigious awards and financial prizes to travel to exotic locales and competing at the Paralympic Games. No matter what your goals are in sport - Para Taekwondo has you covered.

December 2022

Nepal's Para Taekwondo team continues its history-making path as Shrijana Ghising becomes Nepal's first-ever international champion at the season-ending Para Grand Prix Finals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

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Summer 2021

This Summer 2021 editorial celebrates Lviv Today's first issue back since COVID-19 temporarily suspended the print journal. The editorial covers how Lviv coped with COVID-19 and how the city is springing back to life - and how Lviv Today's return marks an important step in that recovery.

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November 2017

Ever had to transfer money into or out of Ukraine? Complicated, isn't it? This article breaks down the best ways to get your hard-earned cash into your bank accounts - wherever you may be living.

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Lviv During War.jpg
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September 2015

This September 2015 editorial covers concerns about the safety of travel to Ukraine following Russia's annexation of Crimea and the ongoing War in Donbas, arguing that for visits to Lviv - "Safe Treks" is more appropriate than complete abstinence.

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February 2015

This cover article covers Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Budapest in February 2015.

Thousands of people came out on Monday to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Hungarian capital. The protests preceded just his second appearance in the European Union since his illegal annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

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